How to Setup

Your New Microsoft 365 Account

Thank You For Your Order, Below  Are Your Activation Instructions, Please Read Carefully.

Step 1

Visit the Microsoft account Official website. (

Step 2

Check your order email, and get the Microsoft 365 account information I sent to you.

MS 365 account delivery format

Log in with the provided account (Email and Password), be sure to write it exactly like it’s written. It needs to set a new password to log in the first time.

If the password is incorrect, please send us a message via email ( with your order number, and we will fix it asap.

If you have not seen where to log in, please sign out of your personal account first.

Click the icon beside the question mark on the top right corner and sign out.

* After signing in, if you get an error page, please close and reopen the browser, visit or, and try to log in again.

Step 3

Install your Office apps located in the top right corner to use the desktop apps.

Before starting the installation, be sure to uninstall all previous versions of the software office on your pc to avoid any errors during activation.

Final Step

Once you download and install, open word, you may get a message saying this account does not have an office account. ( if you do not get this message, great!)

Please click sign in with another account. Use the account info we sent to you, which you use to download the Office apps, to activate the software.

Restart Your Computer, And All Will Be Set!

*Terms: Save and keep your password. We won’t be responsible for the loss/block of your account if you use a wrong password to log in multiple times.

MS 365 app

Tablets and Phones

Download the Microsoft Office apps from the Google Play store for Android or App Store for IOS.

Sign in with the provided new Microsoft 365 account, the provided Email from us, and your new password reset.

Enjoy all the features of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Support:

Android mobile setup 

iPhone or iPad setup

Setup Your New Microsoft 365 Account Video Guideline

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